Intuitive Eating: Inspiration on the Web

September 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

The concept of Intuitive Eating is still new to me. It is an ideal, a goal that resonates with me but one that I haven’t quite achieved. At this early stage of the process, two particular blogs have inspired me: Skwigg Blog and Deliberate Receiving Blog.

I have read Skwigg Blog on and off for years, starting in my committed BFL days and have followed Renee’s progression from weight lifting to martial arts to kettlebells and veganism to her current happy eating. Intuitive Eating 2.0 was my introduction to the revolutionary idea that you can eat what you want, not carry a measuring cup with you everywhere you go and still look hot:

“I flow. That’s significant because I used to battle. I battled my weight. I struggled with willpower. I waged a war against fat. I agonized over the numbers. I kicked myself when I slipped. My mindset was one big bloody massacre. My fitness goals were always at odds with what I really wanted, which was to relax and eat Cheetos. Now, if I want to kick back and enjoy a treat, I do so immediately. No struggle. No stress. No guilt. I know that for my next meal I’ll choose something a little healthier and more ab-friendly.” (Skwigg’s Intuitive Eating 2.0)

Right now, I’m still in the war phase – I am still battling fat and weight and struggling with willpower, but I hope that one day I’ll come to a point where I can flow, too. I just need to conquer that stale all-or-nothing diet mentality. And from BFL to happy eating, Renee remains as one of my role models.


I stumbled across Melody Fletcher’s Deliberate Receiving Blog after a Google search on intuitive eating. Her September 6, 2011 post “Intuitive Eating – Best. Diet. Ever.” was one of the top results. Over all, the blog is too New Agey for my taste. I don’t buy into the vibrations and Law of Attraction stuff. But I whole-heartedly buy into this:

“This means that there is no perfect diet for everyone, but there is a perfect concept – eat whatever your body tells you to and nothing else. Some people will need more meat, while others need none at all. Some may want to live mostly on fruit and veggies, while others will crave more grains or fish…We don’t need to apply one set of rules for everyone. In fact, we should throw all rules out the window.” (Deliberate Receiving Blog, Sept 6, 2011).

Now if I could just figure out how to tap into that part of my intuition that helps me guide myself to a sane, balanced approach to food and flat abs, I’d be the happiest girl in the world.


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