Hello, Yo-Yo

September 21, 2011 § Leave a comment

  My body confuses me. I started out at 155.6 and within a couple days of watching what I eat and       working out it, I  dropped to 151.7. The next day, I went up again to 152.5. I remained at 152.5 for about a week – despite continuing to watch what I ate, exercising, drinking plenty of water, etc. I had 2 cheat days (that included zucchini “cake,” pizza, cheeseburgers and beer). Not surprisingly, my weight shot up to 155 again. But again, within a day of getting back on track, it fell down to 152.3. Go figure.

I am trying really hard not to over-analyze while still drawing a lesson or two from the experience. Maybe I had been eating too little calories and maybe the cheat days were enough to convince my body that I wasn’t really starving. Maybe it was a hormonal-water weight mystery thing. Maybe I had created enough deficit that once I lost some of the extra cheat-induced water weight…

Most of all, I think the lesson is that above everything else, consistency matters. And I think that I have to make peace with idea that until I get my emotional/compulsive eating and my stop-and-go workout regimen under control, my vocabulary should not contain the phrase “cheat meal.” That is not to say that I expect myself to be pure Spartan discipline. I know there will be temptations and slip-ups along the way but there has to be a more reasonable way to deal with them than to turn into a human vacuum cleaner. I intend to find that physically and emotionally healthy middle path while still losing fat at a reasonable pace.

And as an added insurance to keep myself motivated and chugging along the weight loss path, I have emailed the following (un-blurred) photos to my sister instructions for her to post them on Facebook on Dec 25, 2011 if by that day
I don’t weigh 135 pounds or less. David Greenwalt from Leanness Lifestyle would call it leverage. I call it Motivation by Way of Fear of Public Humiliation.



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