Leap of Faith: Intuitive Eating

September 10, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today was supposed to have been the day that I officially started my new diet. By now, I was supposed to have finished reading yet another weight loss book or article, planned meals and stocked up my fridge and pantry with “approved” foods. And of course, this time it was going to be different than all the failed attempts to get leaner in the past.

And this time is different. Different in that I refuse to weigh and measure my food. Different that I refuse to count calories or fat grams or carbs or macronutrient ratios. Different in that I refuse to banish certain foods or food categories. Instead, I am boldly stepping into the world of intuitive eating.

I will do my best to listen and respect my body. I will eat only when I am physically hungry and  do everything I can to avoid emotional eating. I will eat what my body wants, and pay special attention to how a particular food or food combination makes me feel. I will not use food as a numbing agent. I will think of my body as an oil tanker that needs to make small adjustments to make change course. And I will make sure that I am as active as possible, and hopefully, with time and patience, I will create enough of a calories deficit to burn off the extra body that I am carrying.

I know that this will not be a quick fix. But I hope that this approach will allow me to permanently stop the feeling of drowning in a sea of body-image-related confusion and frustration. I hope that this will break my never ending cycle of weight loss and weight gain. I hope that this method will restore my eating sanity.  I am making a leap of faith.




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