Oil Tankers and Motivation

September 9, 2011 § Leave a comment

In an attempt to muster my motivation, I joined (or re-joined in some cases) several fitness-related sites: sparkpeople.com, happyeaters.net, marksdailyapple.com. In my introductory posts I wrote that I am desperate to find a “natural diet/lifestyle” that will “improve my health and appearance” and “get my body to a happy, healthy and sane place.”  I guess I am just tired of the battle that weight loss has become. Tired of pushing that damn rock.

During a lunch-time walk in the park earlier this week, I realized that my weight loss/fitness modus operandi is to find a plan/diet and go all out, 110%, for several days or a week or two and then grind to halt. And the thought occurred to me that perhaps I should focus on repeated, daily adjustments instead of attempting to revolutionize my eating habits. As my size 10-12 waist will tell you, revolutions seldom work.

Earlier today, I skimmed through the motivation section of David Greenwalt’s The Leanness Lifestyle, and this analogy jumped out at me: “Oil tankers don’t turn on a dime. Rather they need to slow way down, then turn, the pick up speed going the other direction. In a similar vein, maybe someone starting the Lifestyle who has had years of horrible habits needs first to slowly rid themselves of the bad while acquiring the good.”

Could that be the secret to successful, permanent weight loss? To think of yourself  as a giant, cumbersome oil tanker that needs to slowly adjust course rather than a small, nimble speedboat that can easily zig-zag through the waves?


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